About zingirak aerografía

zingirak aerografía is the personal project of Axier Ruiz, self-taught artist with a creative spirit that has turned his passion for technique of airbrush painting into his profession.

Professional Airbrush Services

In zingirak aerografía  we can implement any artistic creation using airbrushing techniques. We can work all type of items, objects or surfaces with a very personal and unique finished.

casco pintado aerógrafo
cuadro de bici pintado aerógrafo
motocicleta harley davision pintada aerógrafo
fachada comercio pintada aerógrafo
automóvil pintado aerógrafo

Airbrush painting technique supports any style of painting and therefore it could be applied to create very original and colorful designs. It can be applied in any vehicle, whether it be a car, vans, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles, aswell as bike helmets, Murals, shop front signs etc.

If you are interested in hiring any zingirak aerografía services, do not hesitate SEND ME A BUDGET REQUEST!!.